Friday, June 16, 2006 closes down

I had a bad experience with this website several months ago, and I was happy to hear that they really got what was coming to them. After months of complaints lodged against them with the Rhode Island BBB and Attorney General's office (I filed one of those complaints), on March 27, 2006 - agents from the FBI, Secret Service, US Postal Service, RI State and Providence police raided the offices of Mixitforme.Com and executed a federal search warrant. Read more.

The company is now closed for business, and will be filing for bankruptcy - according to lawyers.

Basically, the big thing this company did wrong was take over $20,000,000 in orders, and let a relatively small number of those orders go un-filled. In my case, they took much longer than promised to fill my order. In fact they never filled it, and only after numerous phone calls and emails from me, would they admit to not having the product to ship me. They ended up giving me a full refund (if you don't count 3+ months of interest on over $6,000 on my Discover card), but getting that out of them was nowhere near pain free either.

I'm very happy will not get another change to screw a customer. I've noticed that their website is no longer accessible, and my only wish now, is that I could grab their domain name and point it to Maybe a little extra business for me could help make up for all the extra headache they left me with. But I'm sure hundreds of other be-guiled customers have the same idea.

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