Friday, September 12, 2008

Losing never looked, or sounded, so good.

This is me singing my guts out at the Tahitian Noni 2008 Summer Party. For the past 3 years T.N.I. has had a Tahitian Noni "Idol" competition where 10 or so employees sing, American Idol style, competing for cash prizes. I've competed each year (because I can never pass up an opportunity to make a fool of myself) taking Second Place in the first year, No Place the second year, and once again No Place this year.

I, for one, think I was completely robbed this year, losing out to a Cowboy Clown, a Yodeler, and Ms. T.N.I. Popularity with her three very popular backup dancer friends. But that's what you get when the winners are decided by popular vote; the most popular performers win, whether they gave the best performances or not (in this case, not). And whether you know you're the most popular or not, you can always fall back on dishonesty and stuff the ballot boxes (as several witnesses saw the backup dancer friends doing).

Ahh, whatever. I'm deciding not to be bitter. After all, you shouldn't enter a contest like this if you can't be a good sport when you lose. And really, there were other great performers this year, and last, that didn't win anything either. So why should I feel like I was robbed.

What do you think? Did I deserve more than my $50 Walmart gift card consolation prize? Should I give it another go next year (assuming I still work at T.N.I. by then), or just give in to my feelings of bitterness and deprive them of the epic spectacle that is Shane Singing a Song?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aleve's "Good Moves Worth Singing About!" Contest

I'll never pass up a chance to make a fool of myself on stage, and I enjoy lyric/song writing, so I thought I'd give this contest a try.

I wrote, sang and submitted 4 songs today, and I'll probably do 2 more before the contest ends (June 30th). M80 is having a related contest. Here's what I've sent in so far (complete with spoken introductions).

I'm Shane and I love hiking with my son, thanks to Aleve.

My son and I are hiking, he's moving pretty fast
with pain in my knees, I'll probably get there last.
I reached in the backpack and pulled out Aleve
And now my boy is having trouble keeping up with me.

2 (a variation of 1).
I'm Shane and I love hiking with my son, thanks to Aleve.

My son and I were hiking, we're half-way to the falls
with aching knees I could hardly move at all
I reached in the backpack and pulled out Aleve
In minutes we were on the trail, and I was pain-free.

I'm Shane and Aleve helps me spend quality time with my son.

My son and I were playing catch, throwing around a ball.
With pain in my shoulders I could hardly move at all.
I said, "Just a minute, son. Aleve will make it right."
In minutes I was moving fine, and we played through the night.

I'm Shane and moving day was pretty painless, thanks to Aleve.

Moving day is over. My wife and I are sore. There were...
boxes full of books, beds, dressers and drawers.
Tired, but aching, we both took Aleve.
We made our bed on the floor and rested pain-free.

I have tried numerous times to post a video of myself singing these songs, but youtube keeps breaking my video for some reason. I'll keep trying. Until then, enjoy, M80.

I got an email this morning from Aleve saying my songs have been approved and submitted. You can check them out here, here, here, and here.