Saturday, May 12, 2007

Life-sized SIlver Surfer movie theater display

I took my wife out to the movies for Mother's Day, and while we were at the theater I spotted this life sized movie display thingy of the Silver Surfer from the new Fantastic Four movie Rise of the Silver Surfer. I've never seen a movie display like this before, I was absolutely blown away. I grabbed a few shots with my camera phone. Check 'em out.

The display includes a life-sized siver surfer figure riding his board in a crouched position. The back drop seems to depict a large building through which the Surfer has just passed. The backdrop is printed and wrapped below the statue in such a way to create the illusion that the Surfer is gliding down the face of the building. One really cool thing about the display is that the statue is supported from the rear end of the board only. This gives the convincing illusion that the statue is floating in mid-air.

Man, I'd love to get a hold of this display. Of course, I don't know how I'd get it home, or where I'd put it once I did. But seriously, wouldn't you want this?!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Local hip-hop on the rise

My band, Wreck Room, got a nice review in the UVSC paper NetXNews. Check it out our mention quoted here, or go to the NetXNews site for the full story.

UVSC student Shawn Curran, whose stage name is "Definite," was on stage for a good majority of the night performing his songs and songs with other acts as well. He did songs with Mike Moore and Ike Rush from the group Hallways.

The highlight of the night was when the band Wreck Room played some of Definite's songs live. Shane Curran played bass for Wreck Room and he hit every note during the performance. The songs they were playing were all produced by Definite and most were off of his last CD, Hearing for the Def.

When Wreck Room was rocking out with some hip-hop tracks, it was lively and it added a whole new feel to the show. They were definitely energetic and entertaining.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What you get when a PC tries to be a Mac

I came across this all-in-one windows PC that looks remarkably like an old iMac. I had to snap a few shots of it with my phone - if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't have believed it.

I don't know what company manufactured this, but it's marked with a logo that says "eOne". That could be the name of the company or just the name of the model, I don't know.

I'm interested to find out when this was released. It's got to be the most blatant "legitimate" rip-off of an apple product I've ever seen.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Courtney Love does the math, or Why you needn't shed any tears for the RIAA

Per Courtney "I want to start with a story about rock bands and record companies, and do some recording-contract math..." This is some pretty revealing stuff, and boy does it scare me away from dreams of rock stardom.

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