Friday, May 12, 2006

Will somebody please stop Ellen Johnson?!

Before reading my comments, please read this news story from ABC 4 Utah.

To summarize; Ellen Johnson, American Atheists leader, wants crosses memorializing fallen UHP troopers to be taken down. She says they violate the constitutional separation of church and state because the crosses are on public property.

A direct quote, "I think its a very bad idea to honor and memorialize these brave men and women by violating the very laws they died to uphold."

Ellen... you're full of #@&%?*.

This "separation", is meant to protect our religious beliefs, and our constitutionally granted rights to practice them. One major reason it was added to the constitution was to keep us free to worship as we wish, rather than as the state thought we should. For instance, Iran is an Islamic state. Islamic law is the same as state law there. You either obey Islamic law or you suffer the consequences. We don't want the rules and contraints of someone else's religion imposed on us, so we have a separation of church and state.

A memorial cross is a religious symbol, but it does not belong to any one church, so even if the state allows it's presence on public property, it is not forcing us to obey that religion, or even advocating it. Rather, the state is allowing the voice of it's people, who believe in that religion to be heard. Since this is still a government of, for, and by the people, the peoples voice should come through in the actions of the government.

Don't let Ellen Johnson twist the constitution this way! This is not an Atheist country (just look at our money), so don't let people like her try to turn it in to one. She's free to not believe whatever she wants to not believe, and she's free to express it, but so are we.

I don't get offended when I see someone wearing a star of David, or veiling their face, or speaking out loud and openly about how the spirit directed them to do this or that, because I've learned something that all Americans should learn... TOLERANCE.

Take note Ellen, and spread the word to your friends. If you don't believe in it, ignore it. It doesn't mean anything to you anyway so why be offended by it?

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